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I met Rolando when he and I were working at Total back in the day.

It made sense for Rolando to join me and the team at Labadens as he had a strong interest in Africa after having worked at the United Nations.

When he joined us in 2011 his job was mainly to integrate his network into our operations so that we could find non-profit investors.

In 2014, Labadens underwent a few changes and we were now providing analysis on African companies in order to facilitate their partnership with international organisations.

This is where Rolando really stood out – he had extensive experience with African companies and spent a lot of time on the ground in Kenya. He understood the environment that we were trying to work with, he worked with countless NGOs, making their operations more efficient.

Rolando’s belief was that non-profit and for-profit organisations can work together in synergy.

His long term goal was to bring employees from big corporations to NGOs in order to provide knowledge, skills and training. It suffices to say that Human Resources held great importance for him and that is what he wanted to do while at Labadens – provide operating support to companies in Africa.

At FiftyFor we have taken Rolando’s goal one step further by digitising it. We place the same importance on network, but have facilitated the interaction between parties through the online platform.


In this version, your shiny new features are:

  1. Link employees – you can now add your employees to your company profile.
  2. Rating – the automated rating is now live. Any transaction you link with a customer/supplier now counts towards your rating, and so does your feedback! Write comments and give feedback as this ALL counts to getting you the best FiftyFor rating out there!
  3. Ordered links – your links are now ordered by date so you can keep track of your own and other companies’ activity!

Gracias Rolando!
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